One of the most common client complaints about traveling is being able to stick to their healthy habits.

They worry about getting sick, they fret about the digestive issues and inflammation that often come with traveling, and they stress about keeping up with their wellness regimen while out of their normal routine.

They look to you to for guidance on how to keep it all together.

They can't pack you in their suitcase, but you can still support them along the way with the valuable tips from this travel wellness workshop, whether they're on-the-go for work or for fun.

This workshop covers:


  • Nutrition tips for healthy travel, including how to pack for plane rides, herbal support for their trips, and the best foods for stress, immune health, and sleep

  • How to plan ahead so they can ensure access to food that meets their needs and avoid the stress of last-minute decisions

  • Recommendations for self-care so they arrive at their destination hydrated, relaxed, and free of the digestive distress that can often come with traveling

  • Tips for getting quality sleep when hopping time zones to avoid exhaustion and burnout.

  • 20 Healthy Airplane Meals You Can Bring Through TSA
  • Airplane Snacks