Clean Out The Junk & Fit More Nutritious Foods Into Your Kitchen


Clean Out The Junk & Fit More Nutritious Foods Into Your Kitchen


One Section
At A Time


Changing your habits to eat more wholesome foods means switching up how you cook at home. You may know this but struggle to start.

However, it’s hugely challenging to completely alter how you eat, even if the doctor says so. You’re scared of change, but you’re even more afraid of what it means if you don’t act quickly. But it is possible to alter the configuration of your kitchen with small yet purposeful adaptions to meet your health goals – one section at a time.

Total Kitchen Transformation


Our Total Kitchen Transformation evaluates your kitchen, the tools you use, and the foods you’re familiar with to help you replace these items with efficient, productive, and healthy alternatives that taste so good – the joy of cooking will be at the tip of your tongue every time!   

Organize Your Kitchen

Choose More Nutrient-Dense Ingredients

Learn About Different Cooking Substitutions & Alternatives

Set Up The Kitchen For Productive Cooking

Go Through Your Freezer Inventory

Eliminate Food Waste

Rethink. Rediscover. Renew.

Hey Friend,

What ARE you having for dinner tonight?

If you’re like many others, you dread the question that comes up so often in households worldwide. If anything, it’s probably a frequent dilemma. And after a packed schedule, busy workday, and countless decisions, you are done answering questions. Especially the one that starts with, “What’s for dinner?”

Your intentions to eat healthy, make a fantastic meal for your family, and crush your wellness goals are there! But as the day goes on and you get increasingly busier, your energy depletes somewhere along the way. Then, foods with little to no nutritional value start to look really good. You may even skip driving the extra miles to hit the drive-thru altogether to heat up a commercial frozen dinner packed with additives – again!

Sound familiar? It is for many hard-working men and women!

Let me be clear. If you have all the take-out menus memorized, the pizza delivery person knows you by name, and you have tried every commercially prepared meal offered at the store, you’re not alone. The same can be said for food delivery apps that drain your bank account, have wavering on-time delivery commitments, and end up at the wrong door.

While these meal choices are convenient and quick, they’re not very tasty and definitely don’t have the nutrients you need to get through your day. This means you and your family aren’t getting well-balanced, nutritious meals regularly – which can suck the energy right out of you by the time you pull into your driveway.

I can help you change what you eat and how you look at and relate to food with meal subscription services that are sure to make your mouth water.

I’m a professional chef and former flight attendant of over 21 years who learned the art of meal prepping before it became a trend. Now, I help people like you let go of the scale and focus less on fitting into that pair of jeans again.
You can choose the meal subscription that works best for your lifestyle without feeling tied to a program you’re unfamiliar with. I’ll test, taste, and organize a weekly cookbook complete with a grocery list attached to give you all you need to remain on track with your healthy eating habits.

What are you waiting for?

Let’s get cooking!

Tracey Somerford

Total Kitchen Transformation



Join Add Spice 2 Your Life’s 8-week Total Kitchen Transformation and take on the eating habits holding you back.

From your pantry and fridge to your cooking tools and more, all it takes is one choice a day to inspire change and allow yourself to introduce the new, well-balanced you.


How It Works

Reach Out

Discuss your lifestyle renewal goals with the experts, and learn how small live coaching sessions can make a difference.

Weekly Live Coaching

Small changes reshape the way you think about food over time.

Maintain The Change

Take the program again with Tracey to refuel your motivation and hold on to course materials.

Need Help Decluttering Your Kitchen?

Choose a meal subscription that works with your lifestyle and get started today.


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