Vacay Like A Pro & Keep Your Health A Priority


It’s heating up, schools are out, and those summer travel plans you’ve been looking forward to are getting closer and closer.

While choosing which coverups go best with your new swimsuits, it can be easy to jump right into vacation mode. And I don’t blame you!

But you’ve been making a huge effort to eat whole, natural foods, and there’s nothing like vacay brain to put it all out of mind. 

During my two decades as a flight attendant, I saw my colleagues and our passengers struggle too many times to count. Just like other parts of life, not everything goes to plan. Flights get delayed, turbulence prevents attendants from passing out drinks and snacks, and a combination of hanger and jet lag can cause turmoil in the strongest of relationships.


How To Travel Well Without Losing Sight Of Your Health Goals

Traveling can be a blast. The keyword here is can. Because most of us know that travel can also cause stress and bring out the worst in people who are normally very well balanced in their regular lives. 

For many people, the not-so-great parts of traveling includes:

  • Dehydration (I mean, $7 for a bottle of water at the airport can really cut into a trip’s budget)
  • Vibrations from the engine stress our bodies
  • Pressure changes affect our guts, sinuses, and more
  • Time zone changes prolong travel fatigue

Pack smart, pack light, and pack organized. Be able to reach what you need without unpacking your entire carry on. Not only will you avoid dehydration, hanger, and cold, you’ll be the shining star keeping your wits about you for the rest of your family and fellow travelers. 

And if you already have your post-flight transportation set, you can walk past the line of taxis feeling like Beyonce (rested, glamorous, and with a plan) as you step into the car waiting for you.

Download my free Travel Guide to kick-off your trip with a (good) bang!



Fight Jet Lag Like A Champ Before It Kicks In

In my two decades of being a flight attendant, I saw many first timers’ mistakes. In fact, most new flight attendants spend the first few months sleeping like babies. And no, I’m not talking about sleeping soundly like a baby. I’m talking about the reality that parents of newborns know too well… Interrupted sleep cycles, dozing off at random hours around the clock, and waking at different times. 

Going from a grounder to an airline person brings challenges that some flight attendants can never fully adapt to. We call it permanently jet lagged (PJL). Most people won’t suffer from PJL, but jet lag is still a very real thing that interrupts plans, health, and more.

To truly fight jet lag like a champ, you need to start preparing before you are airborne. Think about staying hydrated, eating right, and having what you need to be comfortable. Then, give yourself time to rest once you reach your destination. One day of downtime is better than a week or more of powering through jet lag fatigue.


Prepare & Set Expectations For What You’ll Be Eating

Preparation is key. After all, meal planning alone is a huge component of eating healthy and avoiding unnecessary stress in our already chaotic lives.

Most people think about the necessities they’ll need prior to vacation. This typically includes toothpaste, a toothbrush, a breezy dress, and so on. But where I have seen so many people struggle is by skipping the nutrition focus on their packing list.

So as you’re preparing for your next trip, think beyond the wide-brimmed hat and cute sandals. While those are important (especially for your jealousy-inducing social media posts), your health is everything. And stress can definitely affect your health. Add the following items to your packing list and look forward to a fun and stress-free vacay:

🥱 Melatonin to help you sleep at night (or even on the plane)

😴 Light eye mask will help you zone out as the wheels go up and again once you’re looking for shut-eye in the hotel

🥑 Snacks that will pass TSA and are manageable on your seat’s tray table

🚰 A water bottle that you can refill at water fountains to save you time and money

🧥 A light sweater or shawl in case you get a little chilly in the air

🚘 Travel to your destination from the airport


Part of preparation is thinking about the what-ifs. 

What if a summer storm prevents flight attendants from passing out drinks or snacks. 

What if you get delayed and need your prescription medication in your checked luggage. 

What if you get cold and need an extra layer of warmth. 

But what if you prepared for all these things and you’re the most comfortable passenger on the flight? 


Hydration Is Key To A Great Travel Experience

At Add Spice 2 Your Life, we talk a lot about investing in your health. Invest in whole, natural foods for your mental and physical health. Invest in cookware that will set you up for cooking success. Invest your time in meal planning so you can have a week worth of healthy and delicious meals ready to go. 

And invest in a water bottle. Louder for the people in the back – INVEST 👏 IN 👏 A 👏 WATER 👏 BOTTLE!

Dehydration makes our bodies and minds do funny things. Did you know that sometimes when you’re feeling hungry, your body is actually just craving H2O? Furthermore, dehydration makes our skin tight, our bellies cramp, and our moods just spiral downwards.

You can’t control everything that happens in flight, and neither can your pilot or flight crew. Do yourself a favor and be prepared. That means filling up that water bottle after security and before boarding. If you hit turbulence and you're unable to get a cup of water from the crew, you’ll already have your water by your side. 

Not only will this make your flight more enjoyable, despite what may go wrong, but you’ll also land feeling more relaxed and ready for the vacation that’s in motion. 

Check out my Travel Guide to best prepare for your next trip. Need help preparing meals for everyday life? Get in touch for help with that, too!


Prioritize Your Eating Times When Switching Time Zones

Depending on where you’re traveling, you might be hit with a new time zone. It’s so important to plan ahead of new time zones. This is especially true if you’re still exhausted from simply preparing for the trip.

However, this is also where planning ahead can get tricky. If you’re staying at a hotel, Airbnb, or other accommodation, you already know you’ll need to provide your own food. Otherwise, you’ll be at the mercy of debt-inducing minibars or overpriced meal delivery apps. Moreover, if you’re staying with a friend or family member, it doesn’t necessarily mean their stocked kitchen will meet your dietary needs.

As a rule of thumb – prioritize hitting the grocery store ASAP. This can be on the way to your destination from the airport. Or you can check-in, drop off your luggage, then run to the store. 

You may be planning to try new restaurants at your destination, and that is great! But for the sake of your budget and sanity, you want to have some food at your temporary home base. The last thing you want is to cart around a bunch of hangry travelers to wait an hour for your table to be ready.

Moreover, you’ll likely be hungry at different times than your host due to the change in time zones. So have your breakfast staples, coffee, and water ready to go. And add in some nutritious snacks to hold you over at other times of the day. 


Add Spice & Well Being To Your Next Trip

Preparing for a trip (whether it's a true vacation or not) is key to smooth sailing (or flying 😉). 

As a Certified Transformational Coach, Lifestyle Coach, and Personal Chef, I guide my clients to a higher quality of life through the food they put in their bodies. Since I retired from my two decades as a flight attendant, I’ve been able to put all of my experiences and training into action for those who need it most. 

Whether you need help answering “What’s for dinner” or want the vacation you’re anticipating to live up to the hype – I can help. 

Make sure to include my Travel Guide in your packing list and look forward to long-lasting memories for years to come. 

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