Meal Planning 101

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Are you one of the many people who start each new year with resolutions to improve your energy, health, and wellbeing? 

It’s a common goal, but it unfortunately falls apart too often due to a lack of planning. You promise yourself you’re going to order healthier options at restaurants. And make salads at home to really dive into a better lifestyle. But when you open your fridge, you're met with the same processed snacks. By then, you’re too hungry, tired, or stressed to even think about putting together a full meal. 

So into the microwave your dinner goes. Another night of eating whatever is handy to hold you over. But you’ll make sure to hit the grocery store tomorrow and only stock up on healthy options. Then, of course, the next morning turns into the following evening, and you’re still living off frozen pizza. 

Does this sound eerily familiar? Don’t worry. We’ve all been there. But I’m here to tell you that eating fresh, full, and nutritious meals doesn’t have to be a chore. 


Eat Mindfully Through Meal Planning

The key to implementing better habits into your life is by practicing mindfulness. When you take your goals and make them a reality, the best parts of life fall into place. Suddenly, you’re feeling more energized. Plus, your stress melts away, your smile is brighter, and you just feel a whole lot healthier. 


Know What You’re Feeding Your Body

The food we eat matters.

There’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) is a great resource for anyone interested in learning more about what’s really in their food. The organization has spent the last thirty years researching ingredients in popular foods and products and bringing this knowledge to the public. So before you throw another snack or quick meal into your cart, give the website a whirl. You might be surprised. 

I like to reference EWG and similar trusted sites when researching the best foods for myself and my clients. Because when we really know what we’re feeding ourselves, other parts of our lives start to make more sense. For instance, if you’ve been fatigued, dealing with breakouts, fighting with the scale, or anything else – the answer may very well be in your food.

When you know what you’re feeding your body, you can make sure you receive the nutrition you are craving. 

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Get Comfortable Being Comfortable In Your Kitchen

The kitchen can be so much more than the place you stare mindlessly into the fridge. It can be a place where you make memories while you and your loved ones take on the challenge of new recipes. 

Part of my meal prepping service is letting clients in on the process. These are not skills I’m trying to take with me to the grave because I know each life around me will improve with a stronger relationship with fresh foods. 

For instance, you may not be familiar with thyme and wonder why I’m so excited to include it in your meal. And I’ll happily tell you all that it’s packed with vitamin C, potassium, manganese, and why all of those contribute to a healthier life. Or maybe you’re wondering which kitchen utensils are needed to prepare certain dishes. When you have questions, I’ll have answers. 

Getting comfortable in the kitchen may take practice. But it can easily become a therapeutic part of your routine to wind down, enjoy time alone or with family members, and continue learning something new.


Set Aside Time Once A Week To Plan The Meals Ahead

The biggest hurdle people face when meal planning is finding the time to prepare. But once you do, you’ll find that you have more free time during the week and less stress about what to eat. 

If you work full time during the week, set aside time on the weekend to come up with recipes, shop for the ingredients, and prepare ready-to-make nutritious meals. Your entire body and soul will feel the benefits. Not only will you have less stress about what to eat, but your body will also be less stressed because you’re feeding it what it wants and needs. 

Do you pencil in meal planning week after week, and something always comes up keeping you from following through? It’s more common than you think! But don’t worry. I can do the shopping, planning, and preparing for you. Join the list of On The Table customers today!


Include Whole, Natural Foods To Really Energize Your Body

Wondering how you’ll have the energy to meal plan? The quickest way is to start eating whole foods that naturally energize your body. 

As you incorporate whole, natural foods into your diet, the benefits will flood in. You’ll be feeding your body at a cellular level by eating the foods that build the cells that make up each part of your body. From there, your skin, organs, and especially your mind will all start to improve. And with this nutrition comes added energy.

Who doesn’t want more energy to do the things they love? My days as a flight attendant taught me a lot about how food affects my mood and energy levels. On the rare occasion I found myself running out the door without meals packed for the next several days, I didn’t feel like my best self. But when I stuck to my routine and prepared nutritious meals, I was eating tastier food that left me more energized than any airport or hotel meal. 


Spice Things Up With Your Own Tastes & Creativity

Once you get comfortable preparing food and know what your body needs, the creativity will start to flow. For me, this means incorporating different spices and herbs into my meals. And this really added spice to my life. 

Imagine flying the friendly skies while everyone around you is eating bland, high sodium flight meals. Then I would open my meal for that afternoon, take a bite, and just feel invigorated. It didn’t take long for colleagues to take note and look forward to what I opened next so they would have ideas for next time. Sure, they were a little jealous while eating whatever snacks they happened to grab that morning, but watching some of them start to pack meals inspired by my own was uplifting. I knew they were improving their lives and feeling better about their food choices. I also saw their energy increase and moods lift, which resulted in a better shift for everyone.


Feel Better & Use Your New-Found Energy (And Time!) To Live Your Best Life

The energy that comes with a stronger relationship with fresh foods will blow your mind. One of my favorite parts of being a chef is hearing from my clients how much better they feel after eating fresh foods instead of overly processed foods filled with preservatives. 

And you will feel this, too! What do you plan on doing with your extra time and new energy? Whether your goals revolve around your career, family, home, physical activities, or anything else – eating fresh will help you build the momentum to crush the challenges you set for yourself. 


Start Living The Life That Fresh Foods Provide

Are you ready for a delicious and nutritious alternative to your frozen or to-go dinners? Your life is waiting for you to take the reins, but you don’t have to do it on your own. 

When you sign up for my On The Table meal planning service, you can rest easy while I get to work. Each week, I visit my local farmers markets, butchers, and co-ops and develop recipes around seasonal produce for your family’s meals. Then I design fun and delicious recipes around what’s available. The end result is a curated meal customized for you and your family to eat in the comfort of your own home. And the best part? You can keep spending your time how you choose because I’m going to do all the work. 

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