How Being A Flight Attendant Strengthened My Relationship With Food

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Cooking delicious meals that fuel my body has been a long time passion of mine. But combined with my former career as a flight attendant, I didn’t always have a kitchen handy to whip up my favorite foods. This intersection brought the power of meal planning to the forefront of my life.

Over the years, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about what life was like as a flight attendant. There’s an idyllic Hollywood image of jet setting from city to city, country to country, dining at the most fabulous restaurants across the globe. And to be honest with you, I did have some amazing experiences. 

Seeing the world while earning a paycheck is something many people dream of. On top of the travels, I was able to do my favorite thing – take care of people. And today, as a personal chef, I continue to care for people. It feeds my soul and those of the people around me, including my clients. 

This journey didn’t fall into my lap. Instead, my professions intertwined in a way that had me examining my health, my meals, and my overall wellbeing. 


The Not-So-Glamorous Eating Habits Of A Flight Attendant

One thing people don’t realize about flight attendants is the preparation that goes into working four days straight. I didn’t have the option to pack my lunch each morning from the comfort of my own kitchen. Instead, I had to plan each meal days ahead of time.

Has the “new” normal taken its toll on your eating habits? There’s no better time to get back to the basics of fresh ingredients than right now. Even better – you don’t have to add the task to your already busy schedule. Contact me today to learn more about how I customize delicious and nutritious meals for my clients.


Meal Planning Out Of Necessity

It seems to be a fairly universal concept – if you want to eat healthy, eating out isn’t the best option. Yes, there are healthy restaurants that exist. And yes, many restaurants tend to have at least one health conscious option. 

But when my days were spent in airplanes, airports, and new cities for short periods of time, trying to eat the whole, natural foods my body craves wasn’t always an option.

Furthermore, even a restaurant’s healthiest option is usually full of preservatives and high-level processing, and not the options that would truly feed my body what it needs.


Airport Restaurants Are Pricey And Not Always Healthy

Even when airports are functioning at their full capacity, the food options still aren’t what I’d want to make up my diet. The meals were either way too pricey, full of preservatives that did not meet my needs, or a combination of both. 


Pandemic Left No Room To Not Prepare

As a full-time flight attendant, I saw the pandemic wreak havoc in many areas of my life. Not only was I tasked with keeping my passengers and myself safe, but the available food options vanished.

If we were lucky enough to land in an airport with an open restaurant, the lines would be too long. Then once we’d arrive at hotels, they were often understaffed with closed kitchens, further cutting down food availability for travelers. I saw many of my colleagues go a full day without eating on too many occasions because there were simply no options. Although I love to pack my food for several days ahead, sometimes life gets in the way, and I’d plan to just grab a quick bite to eat. But that wasn’t a choice anymore. 

The pandemic limited my options, and there was simply no room left for unplanned meals. A late morning running out the door no longer meant settling for whatever I could grab quickly. It meant I was most likely not going to eat for that entire day and not eat well or enough in the days ahead. So I adapted, and my meal planning went to a whole new level. Each time I’d leave for a four-day stint, I’d have my cooler prepped and ready to eat delicious and nutritious meals from anywhere in the world I happened to be each day.


The Benefits Of Being In Control Of What I Eat

I planned my meals as often as I could long before the pandemic struck. Leaving it up to chance is what causes many people to live on fast food or restaurant delivery services. I like being in control of what I eat because I know the benefits of whole and natural foods.

Are you ready to be in control of the food you and your family are eating? Sign up on my website to join my growing list of clients who are loving the fresh, nutritious, and delicious meals prepared just for them.


Increased Energy Lifts My Mood

If you’ve ever found yourself in the habit of eating out too much, you’ve probably felt the fatigue that follows. I know I do, which is why I enjoy eating foods that increase my energy. When I do, I feel the benefits in every aspect of my life. Whole natural foods help me feel healthier, happier, less stressed, and much more energetic. 


Productivity Boost

Feeding my body the right foods gives me the energy to do the things I need to do. The productivity boost allowed me to accomplish my goals at home on my days off from jet setting, work on my culinary nutrition research, meal plan, and help other families eat better. 


Get Creative With Whole, Natural Foods

One of my favorite things about cooking is the creative license it provides. Restaurants focus on the consistency of options and ingredients. In my case, I’m able to branch out and really treat myself to something new and exciting each time I step into the kitchen. It starts with visits to the local farmers market, butchers, and co-ops. I then formulate my weekly meals around the fresh local ingredients available to me. This is how I can bring an ever-evolving menu into my clients’ homes so their families can eat great, healthy, delicious meals without getting bored of the same old thing. 


How I Share My Knowledge With The World

Since putting down my flight attendant wings, I’ve made it my mission to educate everyone I know how to eat great food that they love. And one thing that kept coming up is that even when people want to eat a great variety of meals, they simply don’t have the time. This is what led me towards providing a meal service for my clients.


Meal Subscription To Put Delicious, Healthy Meals In Your Home

Put the apps down. You don’t need another night of the same meal from a restaurant that happens to deliver. Instead, you can have me prepare nutritious and delicious meals right in your home. 

When I bring meals into clients’ homes, they receive the freshest ingredients that I hand select from the local farmers market, butchers, and co-ops each week.


Total Kitchen Transformation Gives You The Tools To Take The Reigns

I understand that it can be hard to make the change to healthier eating. This is especially true if your pantry, fridge, and freezer are filled with quick snacks and frozen processed meals. That’s why I collaborate with doctors and personal trainers to provide their patients and clients with the tools to makeover their kitchen.

This process doesn’t necessarily mean we’re going to trash your latest grocery run. Instead, we’ll gradually implement better and fresher options. Over time, these kitchens take on a total transformation that leads to healthier eating and living.


Life Coaching For Your Kitchen & Relationship With Fresh Foods

Leaning into a love of food doesn’t come as easy for everyone as it does for me. And that is 100% okay. Not everyone enjoys strolling through the farmers market, or maybe those people just don’t have the time. 

With my life coaching, I help my clients find comfort in their kitchen to strengthen their relationships with fresh foods. As you introduce fresh varieties into your diet, you crave them more and more. And when you have the right tools, ingredients, and kitchen set up, it becomes easier each time.

Moreover, the cravings start to center around the foods that are really fueling your body. As you eat better, your energy levels will increase, giving you the power to conquer what each day brings.


Ready To Bring Fresh Foods Into Your Life & Feel Your Energy Soar?

Then it’s time to Add Spice 2 Your Life! 

My life revolves around researching, planning, shopping local and fresh, and preparing nutritious meals that people of all ages love. Have food intolerances or restrictions? Let’s talk about it so I can cater your customized meal subscription to meet your needs while still providing you with delicious variety. 

Your family will love to gather for meals together while learning about the new, fresh foods on the table each week. Connect with me today to start enjoying delicious meals in your home that will make you and your family healthier and happier.

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