Frozen Assets

I think that we have been there! We are tired from a long day of work or from travel. Our day ran long and we are getting home late, or we are being plagued with a cold or flu and we just don't have the energy to make a meal. 

Most of us may either zoom through the fast food drive through knowing that this filler meal will merely fill our empty stomachs but will not offer us the nutrition to heal and recover. Or we unlock our phones to order from a meal from a near by restaurant via the many food delivery apps that are out there. Once again we know that this meal is mass produced, contains a minimum amount of nutrition and isn't the home cooked meal we are craving that we used to get from mom, dad or grandma. 

Tonight we faced said dilemma! Instead of taking the above options we reached into our freezer and bought out some homemade tortilla soup. It's rich taste, it's  nutrient dense, and with the beauty of technology it can be defrosted and simmered on our stove top with little effort, in less than thirty minutes, and we will only have to dirty one pot. My mom would be pleased that I am taking care of myself and I feel good about having a home cooked meal. 

Everyone should have meals, in their freezers that are ready to go at a moments notice. As much as I love the day dream of wearing an apron and cooking up meals for every night  I know that its not realistic. And this is coming from a chef who has most meal prep tools known to man. There are times that I don't feel like cooking or I don't have time to cook . 

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